Oh, hello.

Well, here we are.

It’s been about a year since Matty Boy and I started working on SYD.  We’d been looking for something to work together on since the movie way back.  We have been continuously scheming since then.  We even recorded a few podcasts and developed some other ideas that have yet to see the light of day–Coming Soon!

Speaking of that movie … There’s a joke in there somewhere about board games and card games.  I have made a couple of similar jokes throughout the SYD series.  When Matty and I joke about board games and card games, we’re not really joking.  We’re only half-attempting to quasi-conceal a deep and abiding love we have for sitting around and wasting time playing a game.  We probably talked for hours about making board and card games before the first joke about it–and that was over ten years ago.  So try to imagine how much time Matty and I have wasted contemplating ways to waste time …

Of course Matty and I spent many an hour playing games, but they were usually of the console kind.  I can’t remember which iteration of GTA was current, but I remember watching Matty play The Warriors, which was hot back then.  But that was then …

Now we’ve brought in a new partner, who also happens to be a friend from way back.  He even helped make a video game based on the movie, and–based on that expertise–now he has returned to help us make games of the type we would want to play.  For hours.  And days.

So that’s what’s happening.

Matty plans to keep up with BIUL; he and I plan to keep up with SYD; and now, we set about to bring forth our first Meddler Game.



Check back for more progress reports and updates.

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