Concurrent Projects

Games aren’t all we do!

There’s Bands I Useta Like for one thing.

BIUL is Matty Boy’s flagship enterprise, and the standard by which other comics-about-groups-the authors-formerly-enjoyed shall be judged.





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Then there’s the Select Your Destiny© saga …

SYD is a science-fiction/fantasy/speculative-fiction series featuring the time-and-space travelling Musical Meddler Squad, which consists of Fat Brucie, Chudwizer, Fiona Plum, Narci, PRESTO-CHANGEO, and, of course, you!

The series is penned by the reclusive J.P. Kittens and illustrated by the rancorous Matty Boy Anderson and arose out of a mutual love of Steely Dan and Tralfamadore.

Click here to find out more about the books in this series.

More projects–and more games–to launch soon!